This is what we will cover in your course (and much more...)
  • Birth in the movies: Myths and realities of birth

  • What to expect when you least expect it

  • When to go to hospital or call the midwife 

  • How to improve the environment of birth and why 

  • The role of the partner 

  • What happens in an induction and the decision making  process

  • All pain management methods

  • Cesarean births: why, how and when

  • Mental health issues: How to spot and deal with them

  • How to create a network of support with friends and family

  • Changing nappies, bathing, sleep safety

  • Feeding your baby

  • Pregnancy yoga breathing and positions

  • Basis of hypnobirthing

  • The use of "rebozo" (mexican shawl used in traditional midwifery)  techniques 

Having a baby is a very important thing, that's why learning about it should be fun!

It might sound like a contradiction but it is not. There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that we learn better when we are having fun (*)

And with that on mind and the fact that every survey shows that the most consistent reason for new parents to join an antenatal class is to meet new friends, our classes have been designed with a strong focus on those two things, the atmosphere is relaxed in an environment that it is traditionally associated with socialisation at its core, and by understanding that new parents need to feel like competent free adults to make their decisions, and that we are all different and there is no "right way" but the best we can with what we know.

We believe that "if you don't know your options you don't have any" and that a strong network will support you no matter what. So in our classes, the break is just as important as the class and the information is as important as to remember that life happens, In order for parents to care we need to care for parents, And in The Birth Club we want to do that .

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